Office 2021 Pro Plus ( Bind ) [ 1 PC]


This Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 key can only activate a single installation of Office on a PC.

You can bind the product key to a Microsoft account for unlimited re-installations even on a different PC as long as only 1 active installation exists.

This product is not compatible with Mac-based operating systems.

You can bind multiple product keys on a single Microsoft account and activate the installation of office via

Install using

Permanently binds to your office account and remains active regardless of PC device and can reinstall Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 unlimited number of times.

Key Permanently shows up in



Office Pro Plus 2021 is licensed for home and commercial use.

  • No CD/USB pack included, product key only
  • 100% legit Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus key
  • Valid for both 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Regional restrictions: Global license, worldwide availability
  • All languages support
  • Online update support: Keep your Office up to date
  • One-time purchase for 1 PC

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