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Features and further details

ESET Internet Security 


For modern software with integrated UEFI scan, ESET Internet Security is exactly the right choice. The application makes it possible to improve device security yourself and effectively combat viruses. This makes it much easier to fall back on a secure application and eliminates major threats to the data. Anyone wishing to purchase ESET Internet Security 2020 can thus be sure of maximum security for the systems.


A secure home network with little effort


Outdated firmware is increasingly becoming the cause of failures and virus attacks. For this reason, ESET Internet Security offers the possibility to check your home network for up-to-dateness and traceability and to trust in a secure application. In this respect, users can expect effective protection against fake websites and other pitfalls that can quickly come to light during their daily use of the Internet.

In this way, the ESET Internet Security application acts as an extension of the user’s arm to check the security of existing content in advance. For the detection of vulnerabilities, the integrated personal firewall, but also the anti-phishing function offers a good solution to make the existing scans cloud-based and modern.


What is a UEFI rootkit?
UEFI rootkits are generally seen as very dangerous tools for preparing cyber attacks. They are difficult to detect and are able to survive even security measures such as reinstalling an operating system or replacing a hard disk.

Safely on the road in the network

Antivirus and Antispyware
All-round protection against all types of threats, including viruses, rootkits and spyware.

Protects you from fake websites that try to access personal information such as user names, passwords or bank details.

ransomware shield
Blocks blackmailing software that attempts to encrypt your system and data and then demands a ransom for decryption.


UEFI scanner
Protects systems with UEFI interface from threats that attack the computer even before the operating system starts.

exploit blocker
Protects you reliably from attacks by disguised malware, especially lock screen Trojans and ransomware. Defends against attacks on web browsers, PDF readers and other applications, including Java-based software.

Cloudbased scans
Improves protection against previously unknown malware by matching behavioral patterns with a cloud-based reputation database.


The best protection for you and your loved ones

Protects you from unauthorized access to your passwords. Your banking and financial transactions also remain protected from data thieves. With the integrated parental control, websites can be filtered according to age. Enjoy other useful protective functions!


personal firewall
Prevents access to your system by strangers and thus the misuse of your data.

Protects you from fake websites that try to access personal information such as user names, passwords or bank details.

Secure home network
Enables you to check your home WLAN router as well as smart devices in your network for vulnerabilities such as outdated firmware and offers various options for troubleshooting. The function also shows you all devices connected to the router (Smartphone, IoT etc.).


ransomware shield
Blocks blackmailing software that attempts to encrypt your system and data and then demands a ransom for decryption.

Secure online banking and payment optimized
Protects you on online banking sites and offers more security for your financial transactions. Encrypts the information transmitted from the keyboard to the browser and thus protects against keyboard spies, so-called keyloggers.

Webcam protection
Monitors all processes and applications running on the computer to prevent unauthorized access to the webcam Unexpected access attempts are reported to the user and can be blocked immediately.

Botnet detection
Prevents your computer from being misused by criminals for the distribution of spam, attacks against foreign systems or other illegal activities.


The perfect protection for your laptop

Lost your laptop? With GPS tracking you can find your missing device.


Device location
As soon as you have marked your device as missing on, the automatic monitoring starts. Using IP addresses and WLAN networks within range, the location of your laptop is determined and displayed on a map as soon as the device is online.

Overview of computer activities
Allows you to take pictures automatically using the built-in webcam, collect screenshots from the missing device and save all new photos and snapshots to your account at

Anti-Theft optimization
Helps you optimize your anti-theft settings and configure your Windows user login. ESET also gives you tips on how to refine your key system settings to maximize your protection.


Use the full power of your computer

The low system load ensures maximum performance and allows you to surf, work and play smoothly. You want to play undisturbed without annoying messages? No problem in gamer mode!


Low system load
Delivers optimal performance and extends the life of your hardware. Fits every system environment and saves internet bandwidth by using extremely small update packets.

Gamer Mode
No messages are displayed or resource-intensive activities are performed during games or running full-screen applications (videos, photos, presentations).

Ideal for on the road
In battery mode, all scheduled scans, updates and messages are postponed. More computer time remains for your activities.


Installing. Ready!

Even after installation, ESET provides the best protection and gives you a complete overview of your security status. The product is very easy to use – with just a few clicks you can install the product, extend licenses and upgrade. More than 150 advanced settings are available for special requirements.


Everything at a glance
With just one click, you have an overview of your protection status and the essential tools. In the event of a warning message, you will find the right solution quickly and easily.

Settings for power users
Enables extensive settings such as maximum scan depth, scan time and archive size.

Uncomplicated product updating
Upgrade your product as soon as new versions are available to ensure maximum security at no extra cost.

license manager
Create a free account at and keep track of the status of your licenses and connected devices. Easily review, manage and organize your ESET installations through the portal.

Safety report NEW
Gives you a monthly overview of detected threats, blocked websites, intercepted spam, blocked webcam access and more.


The main advantages of the application


  • Easy scanning of data and systems
  • Full removable media control
  • Rapid isolation of dangerous viruses
  • More security and structure in the network
  • Integration of a flexible firewall
  • Can be used both at home and on the road


Excellent protection for any device


ESET Internet Security can be used to protect a wide range of devices. However, this does not only apply to the use of the devices themselves, but above all to the security of the transmission of data and other applications. Integrated webcams and other inputs are also excellently protected with the security program in this way and are always up to date.

In combination with an innovative device location system, it is possible to rely on convenient monitoring and to keep an eye on the location of your own technology. By connecting the IP addresses, the position can be traced within a very short time, so that even if the technology is stolen, there is still a realistic chance of finding the device.


Buy ESET Internet Security now and save


On this basis, buying ESET Internet Security and expanding security around your computer activities will be a good choice. This enables viruses to be effectively prevented on a large number of devices and allows access to a highly secure firewall. Thus, every user can expect excellent protection to safeguard their own privacy. In combination with constant updates and innovations, it will be possible to control the existing applications and be on the safe side with ESET Internet Security 2020.


Interesting facts about the program


  • What exactly is ESET Internet Security?

The ESET Internet Security 2020 program makes it possible to clearly register infections around the systems and to rely on a convenient solution. In combination with the location of all the technology and many other functions, a good environment is created to increase safety.


  • Who should use the software?

A high level of device safety is advisable in any environment. Both for the private devices and for the hardware in the company, it is easy to trust the desired tools and to work on a structured elaboration.


  • What makes ESET Internet Security a good choice?

One of the biggest advantages is the enormous flexibility. This makes it easy to secure existing data and block malicious software products before they can infect the system.


  • What are the new features of the software?

In the latest version, the so-called UEFI scanner is represented for the first time. In addition, the theft protection of the devices and the function for secure online banking have been improved. In combination with the additional anti-theft protection, it is easy to fall back on a structured and secure application.


  • What does the available license offer?

With our current ESET Internet Security offer, the software can be connected to all devices for one Year. Afterwards, however, it will not be difficult to extend the application and continue to rely on high security.



Software features

Scope of application Security software
Release Note Full version 
Duration from 1 year to 3 Years
Number of users/devices from 1-3 user
Language GLOBAL
Data carrier without

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